What do our users want?

Across several studies in our research team have demonstrated key requirements from the DXI user, which can be described as : check Immediate status, notify the severity of the alarm, find the root cause of the alarm
Contributing Members
  • Tim Wifall: Sr. UX Researcher

Our research has revealed that users define success when their monitoring tools make them more efficient and effective in their work. In other words, users are happy when they proactively monitor their environment and have time to plan and build better systems.

Across several studies our research has demonstrated that there are four key user requirements for the DOI (and DXI) user:

  • Users want to know to immediately know the status of their system. Dashboards should not take too much mental effort to quickly discern the status of the environment. A simple red/green status is needed for the various services. Details can be revealed about a specific service with further action.

  • Users want help in prioritizing alarms. 'How red is red?'. Users are looking for the product to help them make the determination of what to work on first.

  • Users want to find the root cause of the alarm quickly, which is why Operations Intelligence groups alarms by root cause, thus allowing users to discern the key alarm to fix.

  • Users want a central view of all the alarms across all services. Operational intelligence provides this view to help users sort alarms with the appropriate filter.