Reduce Noise in Alarm Consoles

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Every enterprise typically has 5 or more monitoring tools for different aspects of their datacenter. This means administrators have to sift through 1000s of alarms to filter out the noise and focus on key issues.
Contributing Members
  • Jason Rincker: Principal UX Designer

For example, Cigna gets 100-200 alarms at any given moment across Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM), Spectrum, Application Performance Monitoring (APM), etc. and they use Service Operations Insight (SOI) to aggregate all these alarms. Their current process requires their Ops team to create a ticket for every alarm which is redundant as not all alarms are associated with the root cause and so lead to a significant waste of time.

Digital Experience Insights (DXI) provides the user aggregated alarm views displaying many alarms that are combined and displayed as a group for triage and further analysis. The aggregated alarm views are based on three dimensions: time, topological proximity (same device or different devices) and textual proximity. The end result renders alarm groups, suppressed as appropriate, and generated using static or standard deviation-based thresholds vs anomalies detected using the new green highway.