AXA Revamp Design Sprint

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A 5 day workshop on how can we improve End User Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence, to save the time and effort spent by users.
Contributing Members
  • Bharat Sarkar: Sr UX Researcher

Data to Insights: Blueprint for Business 

Data Monitoring is insightful for business when followed by analytics. It is a tedious process involving staring at large chunks of data calling out outliers, detecting patterns and identifying trends. This number crunching becomes so overwhelming that you dive in deep enough to lose the context; the bird's eye view.

With AI and Operational Intelligence how can we save your time and effort so that you can concentrate on the latter which is how to use those insights.

This is the question that drives us to continuously improve End User Monitoring. With recent developments, Application Experience Analytics is stepping up to give you true insights, which are not only rich in data but also context. Like headlines of a newspaper stay updated with the recent and most important happenings in your business, with the stories and facts backing it up. Let AXA separate the wheat from the chaff for you.