Primary Use-Cases

Specific modules of DXI are used by specific personas based on their roles. Complex monitoring problems, however, involve different roles working together to find root causes, triage alerts and find a solution.

‍For example, an L1 operator is first alerted of a problem, looks into its details and then must hand off a coherent set of steps to replicate the problem and basic troubleshooting steps already taken to an L2 or L3 operator so they can further analyze the problem without repeating steps. Another use-case for handoffs is when a supervisor or manager wants a summary of steps taken before escalating an issue to a support team.

‍The main use is to support cross-role collaboration and serve as a handy place to store disparate pieces of evidence (coming from different DXI modules) as a part of one coherent case (or story). It also helps in maintaining an audit trail for what steps were taken before escalating an issue.

‍Design Considerations

  • Should be accessible across all DXI modules (apps).

  • Have snapshots of real UI (as pieces evidence).

  • Have the ability to import a list of related alarms.

  • Have the ability to annotate or comment on why something was attached as evidence.

  • A single case is a named entity which is shared by all team members to collaborate and edit together.

  • Assign team members or groups who can edit the case together.

  • Share a casebook on slack or a URL to service now.