Data Grids

Design Challenge

How can we make finding items on a data grid easier and quicker?

Design Considerations

Addressing existing pain points that are specific to our enterprise monitoring scenarios:

  • Huge data that could scale to millions of rows or more - potential performance hit and poor traversal mechanisms

  • Tables grow in size (especially the one for Alarms) - again, the potential performance hit and poor traversal mechanisms

  • Finding data is extremely difficult. We now (at least in IM) have just a text filter to help the user navigate tons and tons of data!

  • Each row entity can have multiple attributes, and not all can be shown at once. A facility to view attributes of choice adds great value to the tables’ usability

  • Need for an export feature (that is a big ask from users - primarily exporting to a CSV)

  • The ability to freeze the header and the first column when dealing with responsive windows and scrollbars

  • Do (existing) paginated tables work well for our specific enterprise scenarios?

  • Pages can grow into hundreds or more

  • They can slow down finding data due to increased navigational load

  • They can hit substantial performance issues if all data is to be loaded in the first go

  • Selection of rows across pages (or even select all) breaks - technically challenging and an expensive maintenance overhead

  • Our data being enormously huge, navigation and visualization across hundreds of pages may potentially increase confusion and reduce usability

  • After all the overhead and effort to maintain/scale paginated tables, do our users really need all those hundreds of pages in the first place? All they need may be the first few and the total count of results.