Header and Main Navigation

Design Brief

DXI is a suite of 5 modules, each of which specializes in the monitoring of a different domain. There are cross-module workflows which promote end-to-end monitoring in DXI. Most users will be more interested in some domains than others. There is a need for users to not only explicitly navigate across modules to perform different tasks, but also to navigate across them when the same task automatically leads them to a different module through one of these cross-module flows.

Design Considerations


The header for DXI will show the navigation elements for all 5 modules of DXI. Each user will however only see the ones that he/she has access to. This access to be set up by the Admin. The Admin will have access to all 5 modules, plus an additional Admin module as well.

When using the content of one module to open a different module (with or without maintaining contexts like time and data), this animation will shift the main header


selection to the other module, and the left panel will change to show the new module's menu options as follows. The right side of the DXI Header contains 5 icons with associated actions.  Eventually, these actions (e.g., search) will be cross-product (i.e., be universal actions that apply across all enabled applications).


The universal actions are:

  • User (Settings) - Provides access to change who is logged in and access to User Preferences. Also available is the action to logout.

  • Help - Provides access to Guide Me, Product Help, Product Line Help and the Product About.  For admin's, access to support is also available.

  • Notifications - Provides access to system and product level notifications such as when the system may be down for maintenance.

  • Casebooks - Provides access to the user's casebooks.

  • Search - Search for a thing (e.g., a virtual machine, router or service)