Design Brief

Consolidate access to help to the same location in the UI across products and unify what is available for help.

Design Considerations

‍All products should provide access to their Guide Me as the first menu item.  If necessary, the page on display may need to be changed for the Guide Me to show.  A uniform representation of the Guide Me popups is still to be designed. All products should provide access to their About as the last menu item.

‍Between the Guide Me and About menu items help should be provided for the current context the user is in (i.e., "page help"), followed by access to the product help, followed by access to help across all the DXI products (regardless of what products the user has access to -- the DXI Help page is displayed.

help 1.png

Some products do not currently have context-specific help (i.e., page-level help) so this entry may not initially be available in all products. 

help 2.png

Some products have multiple entry ways into product specific help.  These should be consolidated into a single entry.

help 3.png

If the user has the administrator role, two additional menu items are available -- chat and communities. Chat opens a chat window. Communities should be a link to the product's community page and open in a separate window/tab.