Master Detail Views

Design Brief

Identify the preferred pattern for master/detail display. Master/Detail is a common pattern throughout DXI, particularly with data grids.  When a row in a grid is selected more detailed information about the selection is displayed.  The details can be displayed in several ways.

Design Considerations

Usability studies have shown that the preferred display for master/detail is "inline" (or "in the grid"). When a row is selected, space below the row opens up and a panel showing the detail is inserted.

Master Details 1.png

Each time a row is selected if a detail is on display it is "closed" and a new detail panel is inserted below the new selection.  Allowing a detail panel to be pinned open is desirable.

Master Details 2.png

There are some cases, notably, typology and geo-map displays, where the content cannot be "opened up" in which case the detail should be shown in a panel on the right.  As a rule, the panel should by default occupy 1/8 the width of the display and be resizable.  Here it's illustrated using a grid (which is not the preferred location of the detail):

Master Details 3.png

In the rare case where the detail panel is very large (is at least 60% the height of the grid), the detail panel should be shown below the grid.