Notifications and Announcements

Primary Use-case

A collection of notifications that pertain to the user either as feedback from the system or through actions of a different user.

Design Considerations

  • Notifications must be visible clearly, but should not be intrusive, distracting or disruptive to the user's primary task.

  • Multiple notifications should be visible at the same time.

  • Some notifications are temporary, in that they must disappear after a short span of time automatically. Others are permanent and need to be manually dismissed by the user. And some others still, need to be persistent without the ability for the user to dismiss them.

  • Notifications must also indicate if they are positive, negative or simply informational.

Transient Notifications

They represent a change to the system which the user should be notified of but it is not crucial to the user's tasks that they are acknowledged. They may be acknowledged nonetheless but it is not a rigid requirement. They may additionally have other optional actions that the user can take (eg: undo). If no action is taken by the user on the notification, they disappear automatically after a limited time span (recommended ~5 seconds).

Notification 1.gif

Persistent Notifications

These represent changes to the system or actions taken by another user (like an admin or a team member) that affect the user's tasks. At a minimum, the notification will have a single acknowledge/dismiss action which will remove it from the system. However, they may have additional actions as well which the user can take. When not acknowledged, they disappear from view but can still be accessed through a drawer where they are stored until they are dismissed.Some notifications should be treated like announcements with a banner-like visual treatment like a trial status or maintenance notification which may or may not be dismissable.

Notification 2.gif