Time Range Picker

Design Brief:

All monitoring applications need the user to define or at least be aware of what time context the data they are monitoring is showing.

Most monitoring applications also allow for live monitoring, so the user is always aware of the latest changes to their systems.

There also needs to be a way for users to quickly select time ranges through presets that are most often used, or most recently used.

Time Range Selection-IMG.png

Design Considerations:

Two aspects of time range selection should be considered and kept distinct for an easy interaction:

1. The range selection: can either be using a custom date and time selection, easy presets are typically used in the monitoring domain and ranges most recently used by the user

2. Live Updates: can either be switched on or off depending on whether the time range selected should be a moving window or a static/fixed one. This will not be applicable when a custom range is selected with an end date before today.

5b61264617697f6fda5c52b0_Time Range Picker Copy.png