User Settings and Preferences

User Settings

‍There is a need to consolidate access to user settings to the same location in the UI across products and unify what is available.

User Setting 1.png

Minimum Content (same or all applications): Logout closes the session and the login page is displayed.

User Setting 2.png

User Settings brings up a modal dialog box where the user can change their settings. Eventually, a subset of the settings will be common to all DXI applications and changing any of these settings affects all applications.

User Setting 3.png

‍When supported by the DXI platform, a third menu option will be available "Change User Name or Password".

‍Additional Content can be added by an application.  This may include things such as "My Saved Views", "My Reports", "My Threshold Profiles".

‍User Preferences

A core set of user preferences have been identified that should be supported by all products.  Eventually setting any of these preferences would apply across all products the user has access to.  For example, if a user sets their language to French in UIM, when they switch to DOI, the user interface would also be displayed in French.


The language the user interface is displayed in. Currently, the products all support different languages and most do not allow the user to pick the language to be used (even if the product supports it).


The ISO locale identifier which determines how dates, times and numbers are formatted, e.g., 1,1 GB vs 1.1GB, 1-12-2018 vs 12/1/2018).

Time Zone and Location

The timezone the user wants to work in.  This is used to adjust the display of data from UTC-based times (which all products use to store time-stamped data) to the time used in the display (e.g., if the user is in EST, the date/time displayed for a value will be shown adjusted to EST).

Email Address, First Name, Last Name

So a user can update their personal information if it changes.